News release

Data breach: outcome of investigation and measures

9 November 2021

We have previously informed you about the data leak at Blue Sky Group (BSG), our implementing organization. BSG has analyzed the data that may have been leaked in cooperation with a specialized research firm. The outcome of this investigation is now known and is in line with the preliminary analysis.

Survey results

  • Are you not yet retired?

The investigation shows that personal data of a number of participants has been leaked.

  • Are you receiving a pension or have you made a value transfer?

We can confirm that your personal data has almost certainly been leaked. 

It concerns data such as names, date of birth, policy and employee numbers, BSN and/or bank account numbers and pension amounts. No copy of your identity document has been leaked. 


Your digital safety is very important to us. We therefore take the resulting data leak very seriously. Blue Sky Group immediately initiated a number of actions designed to minimize the risk of a recurrence. Enhanced supervision of the activities surrounding the administration of your pension has also been implemented, the supervisors involved have been informed and a report has been filed with the police. 

In addition, as the Board of Trustees of your pension fund, we are monitoring the processes, the investigation and where improvements are needed and risks can be limited, in order to minimize the likelihood of a similar incident occurring in the future.

The payment of your pension benefits 

You do not need to worry about the payment of your pension benefits as a result of the data breach. 

Stay alert to information you receive from us

Based on the investigation of the data leak, we believe that the risk of, for example, identity fraud or other financial crimes is limited. Nevertheless, we ask you to remain alert to possible fraud with your data and information you receive from us. Malicious persons could impersonate Blue Sky Group or the pension fund and ask you for certain information.

What to do when in doubt?

If you are in doubt whether a letter or e-mail requesting information is from the pension fund, please contact us immediately by telephone (020) 426 63 60 or e-mail