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We do our very best to present information on this website that is carefully selected and up to date. We pay a great deal of care and attention to the composition of this website. Despite this, it is possible that the published information is incorrect or incomplete. In addition, delays can occur in producing 'updates'. We accept no liability for losses resulting from inaccuracies and/or incompleteness with regard to the information on the website, as well as with regard to the use or incorrect interpretation thereof. The pension regulations are the guiding principle in all cases. The information is published for personal use and is not intended as advice.

The results of calculations on iffpensioenfonds.nl can change, for example due to changes in the Regulations, your employment relationship or your personal circumstances. The conversion factors we use for calculating your pension choices also change annually. The results of calculations can work out higher or lower as a result of this. The consequences of your choices for your pension will be determined definitively on your retirement date, using information that is applicable at that time. Ultimately, the Pension regulations are the determining factor.

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