Investing for your pension

Investing contributions for your pension

Every month, IFF and you both pay a contribution towards your pension. We invest these contributions in order to pay the pension benefits and if possible, increase the pensions in line with the increase in prices.

Focus on the long term

Our focus is on the long term. We are paying pension benefits today, but we have to continue to be able to do this in the future as well. A member who is now 20 years of age will also be receiving a pension when they are 80 years of age. So we have to look at least 60 years ahead.

Awareness of risks

Pension investment involves risks, and we therefore invest cautiously and with diversification. This gives us greater resilience in case of economic downturns. We hedge risks where this is necessary and keep a close eye on the costs. 

How we manage risk

What do we do and what do we not do?

We think carefully about what we do and what we do not do. The issues we consider to be important are expressed in our investment policy. For instance, we want to be able to explain clearly why we prefer a particular investment category and what that produces.

Our investment policy

Responsible investing

In our investments therefore, we take account of issues such as employment and human rights, care for the environment and good governance at the companies in which we invest. This is known as responsible investing or ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance).

Frequently asked questions

The cost of the investments can be found in our annual report.

The IFF Pension Fund uses several asset managers to carry out its investments:

  • Fixed Income: Robeco and M&G
  • Real estate: M&G and CBRE Real Estate
  • Equities: WTW & Robeco

The BAC (Investment Advisory Committee) advises the pension fund board on strategy and monitors investment execution.

A low return has a negative effect on the financial position of the Pension Fund. If the financial position is not sufficient, it may be that your pension will not be increased in line with the increase in prices. If the financial position is not strong enough for a longer period, it may be that we will have to reduce your pension or your pension accrual. We only do this as a last resort. So far, the IFF Pension Fund has never had to reduce the pensions.

Click here for more information on the financial position of your Pension Fund.

What returns have we realised?

The returns realised in past years are listed below. 

2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
24,1% -0,3% 11,8% 2,7% 0,9% 15,8% 9,4% 0,7%