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Pension schemes

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Statuten en reglementen 1 januari 2020 2.15 MB

Pension schemes archive

Here you can view old pension schemes.


PensionĀ 1-2-3 en pension comparison tool

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Pension comparison tool 863.91 KB
layer 1 of Pension 1-2-3 1.34 MB

Annual reports

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Annual report 2020 971.1 KB

Archive annual reports

View previous annual reports here.

Naar archief

Fund documents

Pension Updates

Pensioen Updates archive

The Pension Update is published three times a year. The Pension Update contains the latest news about your IFF pension and about IFF Pension fund.


Uniform Pension Statement (UPO)

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UPO Q&A 2017 290.01 KB
UPO Q&A 2019 248.67 KB

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