News release

Retrospective UPO Meetings September 2021

9 November 2021

On September 15 and 16, so-called UPO meetings were held by the Executive Board of the Pension Fund. These were interesting meetings with a total of about 60 participants.

The meetings are organized after the participants of the pension fund have received their annual Uniform Pension Statement. They provide the Board with another opportunity to come into contact with the Fund's participants. And it offers opportunities to catch up and receive clarification on certain points.

See below for the frequently asked questions during the meetings. 


Frequently asked questions UPS meetings

  • The continuously falling interest rate causes the liabilities to increase. The falling interest rate did have a positive impact on the return on investments.

  • Within the margins of the pension law, the board determines that. That increase applies to pensioners as well as to members and sleepers.

  • Interest rates fell from 0.5% to almost 0% But interest rates are now clawing their way back up.

  • Nee, er zijn geen gevallen bekend die te herleiden zijn naar het lek bij BSG.

  • Yes but this is a very complex process. The fund also pays out when you are abroad.