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How secure is your pension?

The amount of your pension is not fixed

The amount of your pension is not fixed. The main risks our pension fund has to deal with are listed below:

  • People on average are living longer. This means we have to pay pensions for longer periods.
  • Low interest rates make pension more expensive. Our pension fund therefore needs more money in order to be able to pay the same level of pension.
  • The results of our investments may be disappointing.

What happens if there is a shortfall?

If we have a shortfall, we have a recovery plan. If necessary, we will take one or more of these measures:

  • Your pension will not or only partially increase in line with the increase in salaries or prices.
  • Your contribution will increase.
  • The pension scheme will be changed.

Your pension will be reduced. We will only do this in the most extreme circumstances.

Increase (Indexation)

We strive to increase your pension each year. We can only do this if the pension fund is financially sound. If this is not the case, we cannot increase your pension.


Increase by pension fund    

Increase in prices*


1.43% 3.28%







* Based on the CBS price index.