Receiving pension

Payment dates: We pay your pension four days before the end of the month

We pay your pension four days before the end of the month. Apart from in December, when we pay your pension benefit before Christmas. You can view your personal pension information at MyIFFPension.

Moving abroad while receiving your pension

Are you moving abroad during your retirement? Nothing changes with respect to your gross pension. There are however a number of other things you need to consider.

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We withhold certain statutory contributions from your gross pension benefit, namely income tax and social insurance contributions and your contribution under the Healthcare Act.

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Pension benefit


Each year, the Board assesses whether the Fund’s financial position is strong enough to increase your pension in line with the increase in prices. This is known as indexation. Your pension was inreased by 1.43% per 1 January 2022.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You do not need to notify changes to us if you live in the Netherlands. Changes of address, a marriage, death or divorce are notified to us automatically by your municipality as long as you live in the Netherlands. You do not have to notify us in this case. You can register a different e-mail address in My details.

  • If you divorce, end a registered partnership or end a period of cohabitation, your former partner may be entitled to special partner’s pension payable to them on your death. The amount of special partner’s pension depends on your specific situation. You and your former partner will be informed accordingly in writing.

What choices do you have in our pension scheme?

You can read here about the options available when you retire. For instance, arranging a pension for your surviving dependants or a higher pension benefit initially and a lower benefit later on.

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