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Value transfer: taking your pension with you

Value transfer: taking your pension with you

If you are considering taking pension you have accrued with former employer(s) to the IFF pension fund, or taking the pension you have accrued with IFF to your new employer. Arrange the transfer online via or follow the check list to help you choose whether to effect a value transfer or not.

Value transfer check list

For instance, compare:

*Please note: Pension funds may only cooperate with a value transfer if their policy funding ratio is more than 100%.

Value transfer of small pensions

Your pension fund has chosen to cooperate with automatic value transfers of small pensions. This means that a small pension will automatically move with you to your new pension provider if you change your job. Pension claims of less than € 2 gross per year will lapse.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Arrange the transfer online via or let your new pension fund know that you want to take your pension with you.

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