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Exchanging retirement pension for partner's pension

The standard amount of partner’s pension is 70% of your retirement pension. You may also choose a different percentage.

If you decide to exchange part of your retirement pension for a higher partner’s pension, your partner will receive a higher benefit after your death, but the pension benefit you receive yourself will be lower. The reverse is also possible, so you can exchange partner’s pension for retirement pension. Your partner will then receive less or no partner’s pension after your death, but you yourself will receive a higher retirement pension. Your partner will have to agree to your decision.

Six months before you retire, you will get a letter asking you to apply for your pension. You can then let us know your decisions. If you have no partner, the partner’s pension will be automatically converted into a higher retirement pension


Talk to your partner and decide how much partner’s pension is needed

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Exchanging some of your retirement pension for partner’s pension is a good idea if your partner has little or no income of their own. Your partner will then be assured of an income after your death.

  • If your partner already has a good pension or income of their own, you might want to exchange the partner’s pension for a higher retirement pension. You will then have a higher disposable income when you retire.

  • You decide whether to exchange pension on your retirement date. The pension fund will send you several forms before you retire, and you can use these forms to let us know if you wish to exchange pension and how you wish to do this.

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