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Early or deferred retirement

Early or deferred retirement

If you wish to retire later than when you reach 67 years of age, you can, in consultation with your employer, delay your pension until up to 5 years after your AOW age. If you defer your retirement, your retirement pension will be higher.

You can also retire earlier than 67 years of age. The earliest retirement date possible is the first day of the month in which you reach 55. This will mean that your retirement pension is lower. Early retirement thus has financial consequences. You will cease to accrue pension earlier, and your retirement pension and the accrued partner’s and orphan’s pension will be lower. You should also note that your AOW will come into payment later than your pension if you take this earlier, which could create a pension shortfall. Go to to see when your AOW pension becomes payable.

If you wish to take early or deferred retirement, your employer must apply for this to the pension fund three months prior to your intended pension start date.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • You can retire when you reach 55 years of age. Remember that if you retire early, your pension benefit will be lower.

  • First, you should discuss your wish to retire early with your employer. Once you know the date on which you wish to retire, your employer will notify that to the pension fund.

  • You will accrue less pension, and your pension will be paid over a longer period. This is why the monthly benefit you receive will be lower than if you work for longer and accrue more pension.

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