News release

Your views on the pension fund in 2021

22 March 2022

We think your opinion of the pension fund is important. At the end of 2021, we therefore held a survey about your opinion of the pension fund and asked you where we could improve our services. In this message, we summarize the most important results.

Satisfied with the pension fund

Overall, you are satisfied with the pension fund, the pension scheme, the provision of information and the financial results of the pension fund. You rate all of these with a report mark of 8. You would therefore like to keep the provision of information by your pension fund unchanged. However, there is a need for more accessibility and (online) tools to gain more in-depth knowledge about pensions. This could be a mini-course on pensions, for example.


Investing, risk and sustainability

To be able to pay pensions now and in the future, the pension fund invests your pension contributions. But investing also entails risks. We asked you to what extent you think the pension fund should take more or less risk when investing for your pension. A majority of 54% indicated that they agree with the fund's current risk attitude. 14% would prefer less risk and 12% would prefer the pension fund to take more risk.

When investing for your pension, we take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account. Responsible investment is important to you; 43% indicate that the pension fund should - to a certain extent - take sustainability into account. Even if it is not clear in advance whether it will benefit or harm the pension fund (and its own pension). 

There is also a need for more insight into the responsible investment activities of the pension fund. For example, what the pension fund does or does not invest in. 

The sustainability themes you care about

  • no hunger
  • good health and well-being
  • quality education
  • clean water and sanitation
  • affordable and sustainable energy
  • no poverty

We take your input into account in our ESG policy.

What do we learn from the research?

We want to use the results of the survey to improve ourselves where possible. Our pension communication can be made more accessible and comprehensible and we will focus more on digital communication. We will also improve the information we provide on responsible investment.

We are pleased that 344 participants took part in the survey and thank them warmly for their cooperation.