News release

Will you join us a a prospective board member?

20 December 2021

We are currently looking for prospective board members.

Would you also like to have a say in the ins and outs of your pension fund? Then a role in our pension fund
might be something for you! We are currently looking for prospective board members. Please apply if:

  • You like to deal with interesting issues in areas such as risk management, asset management or communication.
  • You want to develop yourself professionally. Part of our candidate program is training and coaching by professionals in the field.


The aspiring track: preparing talent

The candidate track is an open track. This means that the role that you could play within the Board of Trustees and/or the pension fund has not been determined in advance. The track is aimed at getting aspiring board members as ready as possible. The Dutch Bank expects aspirants to be suitable and competent to perform their function from the first day after they join the Board. You will therefore not automatically join the Board, but during the training programme you can become a member of one of the committees, such as the Communications Committee or the Investment Advisory Committee (BAC).

Information and application 

Would you like to apply or would you like more information? Then send an email to