News release

We have increased your pension by 1.43% on January 1st 2022

20 December 2021

As of January 1st 2022, we have increased your pension by 1.43%. This is a partial indexation. Last year prices rose more than we are increasing your pension, namely by 3.28%.

To increase your pension, we look at the fund's financial position. This has to be good enough to be able to increase pensions now and in the future. This is called future-proof indexation. To increase your pension, we look at the policy coverage ratio as of September 2021. This must be at least 110% to grant a (partial) increase. Our policy coverage ratio at the end of September was 15.6%, high enough for a partial increase. A full increase in pensions in line with price increases is only possible if the policy coverage ratio is around 122% as of the end of September.
around 122% at the end of September.

* For price developments, we look at the CBS price index measured over the period October to October.