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22 May 2023

We believe it is important that our communication is clear and easy to understand for everyone. Therefore we are keen to find proofreaders for our newsletter,  to give feedback before we publish to our audience. Do you want to help us? Join our Readers Panel!

What is the purpose of the Readers Panel?

We use various means of communication to inform the participants of IFF Pension Fund about their pension. The Readers Panel consists of a group of participants who read our communication first and provide feedback before we send it to other participants. This feedback helps us to improve our communication. The goal is that our communication meets the following requirements:

  • Clear
  • Relevant
  • Easy to read
  • Attractive

Who are we looking for?

All participants of IFF Pension Fund can join our Readers Panel. If you currently work at IFF, if you have worked at IFF in the past or if you are retired. Knowledge about pension is not necessary. We believe it is important that our communication is also easy to understand for people who do not know much about pensions.

How does it work?

When we produce a newsletter for example, we'll send you a draft by email, asking you to give us your feedback. This could be about:

  • Jargon or technical language that is difficult to understand
  • Too much or confusing information
  • Design issues that make information difficult to read.

We’d appreciate your help, so please sign up here.

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