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Month of love: Marrying or living together? What do you need to arrange?

10 February 2022

February is rightfully the month of love! And yes, this can also affect your retirement. In the weeks surrounding Valentine's Day, we will take you through this. So you know where you and your loved ones stand. Because, what should you actually do when you get married or start living together? 

If you are moving house or on your honeymoon, you are not thinking about your pension. However, if you have a partner, in many cases he or she is entitled to a partner's pension when you die. However, we do need to know that you have a partner.

We automatically register your partner in the event of marriage or a registered partnership 
If you are married or have a registered partnership, your partner is automatically entitled to a partner's pension when you die. 

Report cohabitation to IFF to arrange for a survivor's pension
Do you have a cohabitation contract? Then a partner's pension is not automatically arranged. Do you want your partner to be eligible for it? Register your partner with IFF and they will inform us.

You will receive a letter once your partner has been registered
If we have received information from the municipality or IFF that you have a partner, you will receive a letter with information about the partner's pension.